The staff of The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation is available at no cost to our church’s members, local congregations, and conference related agencies and institutions. We provide seminars, workshops, and presentations on the following topics:

EndowmentsEndowments can benefit the future ministry of your church.
Investments – The Foundation can provide professional management for permanent and non-permanent funds.
Fundraising – You can increase the giving of your congregation to fund special projects of your church.
Financial Planning – Learning to manage our money is a need for most people. Understanding God’s way of handling our money is a must.
Retirement Planning / Estate Planning – Planning for the retirement years and the passing on of one’s estate is of great importance.
Cemetery Endowments – We assist local churches in securing the future of their cemetery.

Because of scheduling, it is important to contact The Foundation as far in advance as possible to schedule a program. We want to be in every church as often as possible. Give us an invitation.