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The Foundation is trustee for many endowment funds established by Churches, Sunday School Classes, UMW and UMM groups, and individuals wishing to make lasting gifts to support their ministry and mission both now and in the future.  The income for many of these funds is distributed back to the church for its intended use.  For the following funds The Foundation is responsible for managing and disbursing the income as scholarships:

The W. Bernard Crump Family Endowment

Anna May Ferguson Memorial Scholarship

Loucile M. Fitzpatrick Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Ann Greer Memorial Music Scholarship

Mac Haynes Scholarship Endowment

Lisa Holston Memorial Scholarship

Helen Jackson Estate Endowment

Leon & Helen Jolly Scholarship Endowment

Louise & Willard Leggett Scholarship Endowment

The Mozelle Peden Lewis Scholarship Endowment

Talmadge D. Lewis Scholarship Fund

Reese & Corrine H. McLendon Scholarship

The T. Jerry Mitchell Family Scholarship

Rev. J. T. & Dora Nicholson Scholarship

Carole Lynn Maples Singletary Memorial Scholarship

R. M. Whitten/Stanley McClellan Memorial

Mildred Elizabeth Wilson Scholarship Fund

The Claude Edward Barron Scholarship

Isaac Page Box, Sr. & Grace Jones Box Scholarship

Capitol St. United Methodist Chuurch Scholarship Fund

James S. Conner Memorial Scholarship

Dickson Order Endowment

Cecil D. Frazier & Mildred R. Frazier Memorial Scholarship

Rev. J. K. & Callie Hegwood Scholarship

Jack & Jackie Nabors Ministerial Scholarship

Gladys Garrison Randall Scholarship Trust

Sallis United Methodist Church

George & Debbie Stark Family Scholarship Endowment

Marvin Homa Thompson Memorial Scholarship

West Park United Methodist Church

The James Rayford Woodrick Scholarship

The Foundation receives applications from February to May 31 of each year from active United Methodist students across Mississippi.  The scholarship committee reviews these applications then makes awards based on the amount of funds available and the intended use of the donor.  It is our pleasure to award scholarships on behalf of the creators of these endowments.

For more information call us at 601-948-8845