Planning Your Future

No matter how large or how small, we all have something that can legally be called an Estate – possessions that have been entrusted and bequeathed to us, personal possessions that we have lovingly accumulated, and financial resources that we have diligently and wisely invested or saved for our future.

At our deaths our Estate will be distributed either according to our wishes as expressed in a Last Will and Testament or according to the laws of descent and distribution.

Who deserves to share your financial assets? Who will love and cherish the delicate China Rose arrangement that was hand painted by Great-Grandmother when she was 16? And just as importantly, who will totally appreciate that pleasingly gaudy little pink, purple, and yellow kewpie doll – won 50 years ago by that someone very special? Who will?

Unless you specify your wishes, your treasured possessions will be impersonally distributed by the statutes of the state in which you reside at the time of your death.

Questions For Consideration

  • Do you have a will? Do you want to make the decision or do you want the state to decide what happens to your property at your death?
  • Do you have a durable power of attorney? What happens to you and your property if you become physically or mentally incapacitated and cannot take care of your property or yourself?
  • What type and how much insurance would be best for you?
  • What happens to your minor children if something happens to you? Have you made arrangements for a guardian or custodian for your minor children? Even if your children are of legal age, are they mature enough to handle your affairs in case of your incapacity?
  • Do you have an advance health care directive? Do you want your spouse or children making the decision to keep you on life sustaining medical equipment?
  • How do you be fair to your family members and make a mark on society?
  • Do you want to leave a portion of your assets to your church or another charity?
  • Do you want to leave your assets to your church after your spouse or heirs are deceased?
  • Do you want to set up an endowment and have the earnings used for charitable purposes?
  • How many members of your church have remembered the church in their will?
  • How many members of your church have made a gift of appreciated assets during the past year? The large gifts are not placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning.

The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation, Inc. may serve as trustee for a trust or endowment that would benefit local churches or ministries within the church.