Who We Are

The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation, Inc. began July 13, 1967 as the Mississippi Methodist Foundation, Inc. The Foundation was established to assist the conference, associated institutions and congregations in the collection of resources such as: bequests, donations, contributions and other gifts.

Today, church funds comprise the majority of funds held at the Foundation. Our mission is to resource the Church for effective ministry and fruitful generosity. This mission begins with developing generosity among the people and congregations of the United Methodist Church in Mississippi; therefore, we continue to offer the best possible return for all funds invested with the Foundation.

The Foundation also works directly with congregations in developing generosity. The Foundation offers its Creating a Culture of Generosity for use in congregations. We also assist churches in creating an endowment fund for the purpose of receiving bequests and other assets from its members for local ministry. The Foundation assists individuals in creating an endowment to supply scholarships for a variety of concerns.

The Foundation assists new pastors in their own generosity journey through teaching in the Residence in Ministry process for newly commissioned clergy. Each clergy receives materials for personal financial management as well as church financial literacy.

The Foundation strives to be a servant of the churches of the Mississippi Annual Conference. Our desire is for every member of every local church to know the fullness of joy that comes through Christian generosity.

Foundation Staff Members

The Board has responsibility for determining the staff necessary to achieve the vision, goals, and objectives for the ministry of The Foundation.  Presently the staff consists of Executive Director, Associate Director/Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Office & Communications Manager

Rev. Mike Hicks

Executive Director

Mary Lee Reed, CPA

Associate Director/CFO

Melissa Miller

Office & Communications Manager

Board Members of the United Methodist Foundation, Inc. 

Board Members serve out of a desire to assist in building God’s kingdom.  We seek individuals who love God, are faithful in their local church, and have been successful in their chosen field of work.

Officers and Committees

The officers of the Board may serve two year terms.  Chairs of committees may serve three year terms.  The Board develops the vision, sets the goals and objectives for the ministry of The Foundation.

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