The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation, Inc. Headquarters


Purpose of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation

The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation resources the church for effective ministry and fruitful generosity.

The Foundation is a “servant” of The Church’s members, local congregations and The Annual Conference’s agencies, institutions, mission projects and special ministries.

Investment & Finance Committee

The Foundation has a 15 person Investment Committee that oversees the management of the investment portfolio and works in conjunction with an independent investment consultant to monitor and evaluate the asset allocation, investment strategies and investment managers.

The Investment & Finance Committee also shall examine the operations, the accounting controls and the integrity of the financial statements.  The external auditors report directly to this committee before reporting to the full Board of Directors.

Investment Policy Statement

Foundation has an investment policy statement that states the objective of the Foundation and provides investment guidelines for asset allocation

Additional Information

Download an overview of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation
(December 2014)