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The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation

Purpose of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation:

The purpose of The Foundation is to serve the mission needs of The Church through its unique ministry of planned giving and stewardship of gifts received in trust for those ministries. The Foundation serves The Conference as it meets the needs of donors and encourages the continual dedication of new resources to fulfill the many unmet needs within The Church.

The Foundation is a "servant" of The Church’s members, local congregations and The Conference‐related agencies, institutions, mission projects and special ministries.

Investment Committee – The Foundation has a 12 person Investment Committee that oversees the management of the investment portfolio and works in conjunction with an independent investment consultant to monitor and evaluate the asset allocation, investment strategies and investment managers.

Investment Policy Statement

Foundation has an investment policy statement that states the objective of the Foundation and provides investment guidelines for asset allocation

Benefits of Investing with the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation:

  • Asset Allocation – The Investment Policy Statement ensures that the Foundation will employ a broadly diversified, conservative allocation. The Foundation’s allocation to low‐volatility fixed income securities cannot fall below 50% of the portfolio. The current allocation to bonds and cash is 60%.
  • Diversification – The Foundation believes diversification among asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, long/short equity, and cash), investment strategies and investment managers to help mitigate risk. The Foundation employs ten different investment managers across seven different investment strategies which results in exposure to hundreds of individual securities.
  • Economies of Scale – Because the Foundation manages a $73 million portfolio, the Foundation can access investment strategies and investment managers that would be difficult to access by the Foundation’s constituents.
  • Superior Performance – The Foundation has outperformed six-month CDs over the last 16 years (12/31/93-12/31/09) by 74% cumulatively.
  • Liquidity – Unlike many Certificate of Deposit investments, the Foundation allows its constituents to withdraw funds with minimal notice and with no withdrawal penalty

Additional Information:
Download an overview of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation
(December 2012).